Sunday, January 11, 2009

long and lost

i thought of you the other night as i drove back from the grocery store. i searched for you among the crowd, but everyone seemed to have your haircut. and a song came on the radio that reminded me of old times, with old friends, driving around our small town and drinking stale coffee and playing cards. i seems so long ago, because i am truly another person. or, maybe, i am the same person but have traveled through many bodies since then. it was past midnight and the packed car sang in unison. and i heard it again on the radio and i sang with it, longingly, remembering our friendship, remembering your laugh and how you brought me to this city. i miss you, my friend. are you making music somewhere, practicing in your plaid shirt? are you eating guacamole in a small restaurant or typing on the computer? are you holding your girlfriend's hand? you told me we were once flying a hot air balloon, but you refused me the details. was it a striped balloon? and where were the lions? the song ended and i wanted to call you, but i don't keep your number close to me anymore. i have my littered memories and the wonder of the present and i will look for you. whatever you are, i hope you are well. i truly hope you are well.